Meet the Team

Daniel Morse
Founder and Microbiology Lead

Dr Daniel Morse is a research scientist in microbiology at the University of Bristol, and co-founder of Show Me The Science. Find out more about Daniel here

Hayley Pincott
Founder and Healthcare Lead

Hayley is an Associate Practitioner in Oral Pathology and co-founder of Show Me The Science, and is based at the University Dental Hospital in Cardiff. Find out more about Hayley here!

Core Team Member & Head of Welsh Language

Megan is an undergraduate student with a passion for microbiology and public engagement. Megan is also a founding-core member of the SMTSci team, and a fluent Welsh speaker (and so our head of Welsh!), and you can find out more here.

Core Team Member & Head of Humour

Tom is an undergraduate student at Cardiff University, and has been involved with SMTSci since the start. You can find out more about Tom here.


Kasia is a final year PhD student at Cardiff Uni working on the cystic fibrosis lung bacterium Burkholderia multivorans


Winnie is a PhD student at the University of Bristol