Hand Hygiene and Infection Control

Have you ever wondered how easy it is to spread your germs to other people? Or why infections can (and often do) spread so quickly?

The answer can be seen easily with this activity. We use a special fluorescent powder and lotion to make your hands glow. Working on the scenario that you’ve just sneezed or coughed into your hands, you can then see just how simple and quickly (and how far) you can spread these ‘germs’ by touching objects, shaking hands. We can track this using a special ultraviolet torch to track the infection and find out how many people you’ve infected!

Those infected can then try and wash their hands using one of several techniques including rinsing with water, using hand sanitiser or soap and water, and for different periods of time to see which works best!

An alternative approach is to use the powder to spread germs before the activity happens, and then you can track and follow people who have touched things and where they’ve been! Like little hygiene-detectives!