Microbe Medics

The role of healthcare scientists in diagnosing infections and diseases is very much under-promoted to the general public.

Without the amazing laboratory staff, who are involved in about 70% of all diagnoses, healthcare provisions would very much struggle.

We have an activity to highlight the workings of a pathology diagnostics laboratory, headed by our very own associate practitioner, Hayley. This activity is split into two parts; an ‘infected blood pit’ and a section known as ‘Under the Microscope’.

Our ‘infected blood pit‘ makes use of simple tools such as a paddling pool, soft play balls and small Giant Microbes.

Participants get stuck in and find the hidden Giant Microbes to identify what they are, what disease they cause, and what action is necessary to treat it. Sometimes that isn’t always necessary, and this is a good opportunity to discuss why that may be.

Under the Microscope uses microscopy slides to showcase the very small. Participants can view lots of different types of samples in detail far too intricate and small for the human eye alone.

We have samples of onion layers, fly legs, tissue and cells, and microbes!